General terms of use for Homerun Technologies Oy service Rive

These general terms of use (later “Terms of use”) apply to the use of a web service located mainly at Rive (later “Service”) provided and maintained by Homerun Technologies Oy (later “Homerun”). In addition to these, certain special terms apply to certain parts of the Service. If there is a conflict between these Terms of use and special terms of a part of the Service, the special terms apply for that part of the Service.

These same user terms apply to the Rive price estimate tool that is brought available to the user of the Service (later “User”) through the Service.

The User declares having read these terms of use (later “Terms of use”) and commits to abide by them in all use of the Service.

Registration or providing contact information is required to use certain parts of the Service. Registration is required to use the price estimate tool and providing contact information is required to get a price estimate or evaluation request for apartment. As the User registers or provides the Service with their contact information or otherwise gives Homerun their personal data with their consent, the User becomes a customer of Homerun and their data are recorded in the customer register of Homerun / Rive. Homerun have the right, if they see fit, to change freely usable parts of the Service to require registration or vice versa.

Homerun’s duties and liability for the Service

As a rule, the Service is available 24 hours per day. However, Homerun have the right to temporarily remove the Service or part thereof from use due to maintenance, equipment installation, general order and safety, system overload or other compelling reason. Homerun do not give any direct or indirect guarantees of the functionality or properties of the Service, nor do they guarantee the uninterrupted or flawless operation of the Service.

In addition, Homerun have the right to improve and change in every way the contents, structure and appearance of the Service, its selection of products and databases, software, equipment, contents of handbooks and other documentation, service hours and other parts of the Service. Homerun strive, whenever reasonably possible, to notify the User beforehand of any changes and interruptions to the Service that are of relevance to the User, either via the Service or by other suitable means of notification. Changes enter into force as soon as they have been implemented.

Homerun are not liable for the contents of the Service (including links to third party websites) or correctness thereof, except for data content Homerun themselves have produced. Homerun have the right to delete any material in the Service they deem to be against the law or good manners, or damaging or harmful to Homerun, the users or a third party.

Communication between Users may occur in the Service indirectly via content posted on the Service. Homerun are not liable for any harm or damages caused by communication or other activity between Users to other Users or a third party.

We record all messages we have sent from Homerun to develop and speed up customer service.

User’s liabilities and responsibilities

The User is granted personal right to use the Service in accordance with these Terms of use and other terms applicable to the Service or individual parts thereof.

If the User registers to the Service or requests for a price estimate or evaluation visit, they shall provide the identification data requested in the form. The User is given a password and login for using the Service, if necessary, which enable them to log in the Service. The password and login are personal and they must not be released or told to third parties. The User is responsible for all use of the Service with said login and password. If outsiders come to know the password or login, the User shall immediately notify this by e-mail to After the notification has been received, the User is no longer liable for any use with their password or login that occurred without any action on their part.

The User is responsible for owning all necessary copyright or other rights and/or consent from the right-holders to any material they publish in the Service and other documentation they send, forward or save in the Service, and commits not to send or forward (by e.g. linking) via the Service any material or messages that violate the ownership, copyright or other rights of third parties, are abusive, insulting, slanderous, criminal, indecent, against the law or good practice or harmful or damaging to Homerun, other Users or third parties or may cause disturbance, blockages or other interruptions to the Service. The User is liable for any damages caused by them acting in the abovementioned manner.

The User is liable for any direct or indirect expenses to themself caused by using the Service.

Ownership and copyright of the Service

The content of the Service is protected by copyright in accordance with Finnish legislation and international agreements. Homerun or other parties producing data for the Service own all rights (incl. copyright) to the Service. Homerun reserve all rights to the content of the Service, unless otherwise stated on the Service. Rights to the software are owned by the licence holders.

The User is aware that Homerun retain the ownership and copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights of the Service and parts thereof, and that no other rights are transferred to the User than the rights of use mentioned in these terms.

The User has no right to publicly use the Service, nor to record, resend or otherwise use the Service in violation of Homerun’s rights. The User can, however, transfer any public domain or shareware material in the Service to themself or to be redistributed in accordance with instructions pertaining to said material.

The User has no right, without the explicit written consent from the Service provider given beforehand, to use automatic systems (including “robot”, “spider”, “scraper” and “offline reader” software) to produce copies of the Service, parts or content thereof or to render them available to the public.

Rights to content produced by the User

The User transfers to Homerun all current and future financial rights to any material the User has produced to the Service. Homerun may re-transfer the aforementioned rights to another party or modify any material in the Service (incl. objects) at their discretion, for example to prevent misconduct toward the Service and objects. The User retains rights of use independent of Homerun to the material the User has produced to the Service. The use (incl. Copying) or publishing for commercial or other purpose outside the Service of material in the Service by anyone except the User in question is not allowed without explicit consent from Homerun.

Feedback, ideas for development and reclamations to Homerun

Any ideas for development, feedback or reclamations can be submitted via e-mail at

Transferring and termination of user rights

The User has no right to release or transfer the right to use the Service (including password and other logins that enable the use of the Service) to a third party. Homerun may deny granting a login or cancel a granted login, if the User has or is acting against the Terms of use, the law or good practice.

Homerun also have the right to temporarily prevent access to the Service by the User, if it is necessary for the operation of the Service. If the User has not used the Service for eighteen (18) months, Homerun may, at their discretion, cancel the User’s password and login. After this the User may, if they wish, re-register to the Service. The User’s login and password are automatically deleted at the end of the user right.

Despite the termination of the contract, any regulations referred to in these Terms of use on ownership and copyright, responsibility of communication and limited liability remain in force for as long as they remain of significance. If the contract is terminated due to contract violation by the User, Homerun have the right not to grant the User new user rights.

Homerun always have, at their discretion, to cease providing the Service completely or partly. Homerun will notify the ceasing operations well in advance, if possible, via the Service or by other means at their discretion.

Limited liability

The Service and contents thereof are presented ‘as is’ and the User uses services provided and/or forwarded by Homerun at their own responsibility. Homerun are not liable for any data security risks related to the use of the Service or for the correctness or suitability for a certain purpose of the content of the Service other than as required by legislation. Unless otherwise provided by compelling legislation, Homerun are not liable for any such direct or indirect, material or non-material damage that may be caused to the User or a third party due to interruptions, delays, errors or defects in the Service or content thereof.

The User is liable to reimburse Homerun and third parties for any damage caused by the User’s actions that are against the law, authoritative rules and instructions or these Terms of use. No contracting party is liable for any damage due to unreasonable difficulties in the parties’ operation caused by force majeure or similar reason.

Processing of personal data and use of cookies

The service provider processes the personal data of registered Users in accordance with the register description of the Service, Homerun’s privacy statement and privacy legislation. The Service uses cookies in a manner described in the privacy statement.

Other terms

The Service contains links and connections to third party websites. Such services provided by a third party apply the terms of use and other conditions of said third party, and Homerun are not liable for privacy policies or content of these websites.

Homerun have the right to transfer the Service and maintenance thereof as well as related customerships to any company belonging to the Homerun Technologies cluster at the time.

Finnish legislation applies to the Service and Terms of use, excluding regulations on the choice of law.

Settlement of disputes

Any disputes between Homerun and the User are attempted to settle by bilateral negotiations. If the parties do not reach a settlement, the dispute is settled in the District Court of Helsinki. However, if the dispute is about an issue related both to the jurisdiction of the Market Court (such as violation to intellectual property rights) and to these Terms of use, the dispute is settled in the Market Court. The customer may also bring an action in the district court that has jurisdiction in the municipality of his domicile.

If the dispute cannot be settled by bilateral negotiations, the consumer also has the option of bringing the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board, Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer should contact the Consumer Advisory Services, The European Commission also provides a web-based dispute settlement forum especially for consumers living in another EU country,