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Fill in the form on our website - it only takes few minutes. We will contact you shortly to get to know your home so we can present you with an offer to match your needs.

Explore your options

You are presented with options to list your home on the market with the help of our team or receiving an instant cash offer* * given that your property qualifies with the buying criteria.

Close the deal

You choose the option that suits your life situation, and our professional team ensures that transaction is completed on your terms.

Real estate brokerage

We combine the power of technology and local expertise to help you achieve your goals in the real estate market.

Maximized sale price

We bring together tech and local expertise to get the highest possible sale price for you. If repairs are needed we can manage the project on your behalf.

Sales powered with data

Whether it’s about defining the right price, predicting demand or identifying most attractive buyers, the data boost our expertise to set up the right sales tactics.

Superb customer experience

Our highly qualified agents act fast to make sure no opportunity gets unnoticed and provide you with the smoothest home selling experience on the market.

Cash offer

Selling a home does not have to be a marathon. If you qualify for a cash offer, you can forget about fees, waiting, and uncertainty.

Make a fast sale

Save your time and avoid unnecessary waiting and uncertainty. With us, you can get a fast cash offer quickly, and get paid in a matter of days after accepting the offer.

Save on fees

Eliminate lengthy arrangements and extra costs. Thanks to Rive's cash offer, you skip the agent commission fee, repairs, and open house circus.

Move on your schedule

The transaction schedule is agreed flexibly on your terms. We are flexible for your life situation.

Yes, things can be that simple.

Joni, Helsinki

I was able to sell my home to Rive quickly and everything went nicely. Things worked exactly as agreed. All in all, a service package that works incredibly well.


Jutta, Espoo

Making a deal with Rive was easy and smooth. The whole thing worked really well.


Teemu, Turku

We sold our home to Rive with the eight-week guarantee and everything was extremely easy for us. We were satisfied with both the price and the level of service we received.


Frequently asked questions

Is it binding to request an offer from Rive?

No, asking for an offer is not binding and completely free of charge. We will contact you to schedule a short visit. During the visit, our certified real estate agent will give you a home valuation and walk you through selling options best matching your needs.

What if my apartment is already listed for sale?

We are happy to buy apartments that are already listed by the owner or with the real estate agent. It is a common practice for many local agencies to start their selling process with us. Make sure that your real estate agent is taking advantage of our cash offer.

How do I know I am getting the right price for the apartment?

Our offer is an estimate of the right price based on real-time market data, extensive data analysis and our agents’ local experience. What affects our offer the most is the condition of the apartment, demand and supply in the area as well as the renovation plans of the housing company.

How does our offer differ from a standard real estate agency?

We are an award-winning technology company that brings transparency to the residential market and remove home buying and selling hassle. Each of our customers gets to benefit from our advanced data tools and the best local expertise of our qualified experts.

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