Choose the style for your new home - we take care of the rest!

We provide you a turnkey renovation with Nordic quality - for a fixed price and move in date.

A whole package designed by professionals

A cost-effective way to increase the value of the apartment

Turnkey service - we do everything on your behalf

Nordic quality in all we do

We believe that a home must have the standards that are above the minimum. That's why we have optimized all our processes to deliver high quality results with our professional renovation team and project management.

Style by interior designers

Our stylebook by our interior designers provides you three different renovation styles with a Scandinavian twist. Within each, you can choose materials and finishes that best suit your individual taste.

Fixed budget & move-in date

We give you a clear plan and a fixed budget for renovation - for a very competitive price, guaranteed. This way, you don't have to worry about additional costs, or negotiating with other contractors. What is more, you will know the exact date you move in to your new home.