Rive in Finnish relates to working with wood and making a groove. It has a connotation to house building and breaking new ground, disrupting the status quo. Just like the idea Rive was founded on: that buying and selling homes should be simple and stress-free. To make this a reality, the Rive platform brings together all the different solutions that you need to change your life and property.

Kodit.io was founded in 2017 to revolutionize the way apartments are bought and sold by using technology. In recent years, Kodit has internationalized and grown rapidly both organically and through acquisitions. Currently, they operate in several cities in Spain, Finland, and Poland. In recent years, they have acquired Rent-to-own operators Lucas (ES) and Lehtoraha (FI) and real estate agencies Kahdeksas Päivä (FI), Hauzi, Hannan-Piper (ES), and Domus Nova (PL).

Rive’s end-to-end platform brings simplicity to switching homes. For sellers, Rive offers two straightforward ways to sell their home either with the help of a broker or with an immediate purchase offer. For buyers, they offer as renovated, move-in ready homes and accelerated access to homeownership with rent-to-own model. For both segments, Rive enables increasing the value of a property or improving the quality of life through renovation and home design as a service offering. For brokers, Rive's technology and services enable the to provide even better customer experience for people changing apartments.

We are committed to continue pushing the limits of the real estate market, and keep developing groundbreaking solutions for our customers. In addition to advanced technology and an expert team, it requires the courage to act in a new way. That’s why we call ourselves Rive.